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Staying up to date is critical part of your health plan and we want to make that an easy process for you to follow along the way.


I live by a simple but tried and true rule of “listen to the patient.” I take time to understand the whole person, which is not limited to a diagnosis but also the physical and social impact of the disease process. When a family member is sick, the whole family is impacted. In my practice I take several innovative measures to reduce the burden to the patient and family, hence providing a better healthcare experience. Here are just a few examples:


One-time registration. My staff will arrange all subsequent appointments.


I personally review your chart prior to your visit.  Your visit will focus on diagnosis and therapy.


Understanding test results can be daunting.  You receive a personal call to go over the test results by a trained member of my team.


I am always available for any direct questions by email.  For non-urgent matters you will get a response from my team. [email protected]

Declare the past, diagnose the present, and foretell the future