Doctor Fissha has a broad range of expertise

including diagnostic tests (ECHO, stress test), cardiac catheterization, limb salvage therapy and implantation of pacemakers/defibrillators.

Coronary Angiogram Through the Arm

Dr. Fissha introduced a safe way of performing heart catheterization to Emporia, KS. Seventy five percent of all heart catheterization are performed through the arm compared to less than 15% performed nationwide. Click here to see video.

Dr. Fissha also introduced the use of ultrasound to locate the artery through which cardiac catheterization is performed. This was found to improve safety across all heart procedures. Click here for more information.

Peripheral Angiogram

Dr. Fissha employs state-of-the-art techniques to remove hardened blockages in the leg preventing from catastrophic amputation. Click here for more information.

Angioplasty to the legs

Angioplasty to the legs helps unblock clogged arteries in the leg. An atherectomy device "commonly known roto-rooter" is used to clean up the plaque.  Click here to see how it works.

Pacemaker or Defibrillator implant

Dr. Fissha performs and interprets pacemakers and defibrillators. To learn more about pacemakers, Click here.

Implantable loop recorders

Dr. Fissha implants and interprets these devices. Click here to learn more.

Echocardiogram (ECHO)

Dr. Fissha performs and interprets the transthoracic ECHO as well as transesophageal ECHO. Click here to learn more about the differences.

Stress test

Dr. Fissha performs different types of stress tests including treadmill test, nuclear stress test, and Stress ECHO. Click here for more information.

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